MURDERING HUT CREEK, Wongwibinda, New South Wales & Rutherglen, Victoria

There are at least three Murdering Hut Creeks including one in Wongwibinda in New South Wales and one over the border in Rutherglen in Victoria.
As for the one in Rutherglen, a story found on Google describes a farmer named Roger Moore who killed his family with a machete and later shot himself. People say that you can now see his ghost when you cross the creek in the late afternoon. Hmmm, that seems bogus. This seems to be the real story:
In 1850 an argument at the Black Dog Inn between two shepherds (John Morrison and Matthew Madden) from the Ullina Run. Police report states that a fight broke out when returning to their huts and shearing blades used whereby one man John Morrison was mortally wounded and died before the doctor could come from Albury. The man is buried at a farm on the Rutherglen Road and is marked by a plaque. The nearby Creek - Brown's Creek (may also be Blind Creek) was renamed 'The Murdering Hut Creek'. Matthew Madden charged with manslaughter and served 7 years hard labour on the roads.
(Victorian Heritage Database)

Murdering Hut Creek intersects with Doughboy Creek.